Follower #1000 coming up. Any good ideas how to mark the occasion? Let us for a moment pretend that it is worth acknowledging. If someone pitches a good idea, I’m all for doin’ it… most likely.

P.S. I’ve edited the List of Movies page again. Cleaned it up a bit. I had previously individually linked to every gif/photo set. Now I’ve collapsed everything down to each film linked once with just /tagged/(movie-title), plus the rare link to Moviepilot posts I made. It’s better.

Anonymous asked:
"Any tips on starting a blog on tumblr and getting followers?"

I’m hardly the right guy to ask about that ;) This blog has just over 900 followers, which in my opinion is a small few relative to most themed blogs on here. Of course, my personal blog has only 150 followers. So. Hell if I know!

Just an idea:
Pick your theme… what you want to curate… then post/reblog stuff in the same fashion (gifs or pics?, how should they be arranged?, text below or no?, etc) as the similarly-themed, really popular posts have. Maybe go around following a bunch of people who appear as if they’d enjoy what you have going on; with any luck, they’ll spot you as a new follower and check your blog out.

Good luck, have fun.

On rare occasion, I still write on that Moviepilot site. I put a poll up yesterday that needs more votes. Take a few seconds to make sure the right movie wins:

What is the best movie of 2014… so far?

[let’s all agree to ignore how silly and nonsensical the intro reads now that the editors moved the ‘everything is awesome’ gif from the header to somewhere in the body]

Super random gifs from Green Street Hooligans. [If you want to reblog this for whatever reason… why? Also, by all means, do so, and delete this text at the same time.] It’s just evidence of the fact that I’ve found a new solution to gif-making.

I can make not-ugly gifs again (lookin’ at you, Grand Budapest set I made).

Caveat: method only works for DVDs, can’t apply it to the movies from my digital collection.

While I’m here… I might be short on time this week, but I’ll try to get a post prepped on Wednesday to put out on Thursday.